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=== Output params ===
=== Output params ===
Some output params here
=== Success ===
===== Success ===== 
=== Error ===
===== Error =====
example in XML
example in XML

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Domain Function: Register

With this command, you are able to register your domain with boxis.net..... bla bla bla here

Input params

- domain::String::Domain name that you need to Register
- years::Integer::Number of years for which you wish to Register this domain name
- ns::Array of Strings::List of Name Servers to be associated with the domain name. A maximum of 5 Name Servers can be specified
- protect-privacy::Boolean::Enables / Disables the Privacy Protection setting for the domain name. Possible values are: 1 or 0

Output params


example in XML

Example in Json

example in Json